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I've fallen off track before but not like this

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Treadmill of terror- avoid injury, run happily

My last two posts have been nutrition-focused. Let's get back to training, shall we? What's more basic than Planet Fitness treadmills? Nothing. Listen, I wish I didn't belong to PF, but it's close, cheap and not in the city (aka there's parking). I've written about treadmills before, but A Better Way to Run Indoors was... Continue Reading →

Why I’m still drinking in January

A totally non-alcoholic January sounds good immediately after the holidays. You're looking forward to a slow down in social obligations that came with week-night drinking and an overindulgence of sweet treats. Your nutrition was thrown off, so you feel like your fitness has been to and, overall, your health goals. But when you get down... Continue Reading →

It’s race week

It's race week! And I feel so ready. It's been pretty chilly so I'm preparing for the cold weather Saturday monring- thicker socks, full leggings, tech shirt. I'm waiting until the actual day to determine whether I want to wear my facemask or not. But, there's nothing I hate more than burnt lungs. I have... Continue Reading →

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